Nicomax 20mg 50PG / 50VG 10ml - SuperVape

Nicomax 20mg 50PG / 50VG 10ml - SuperVape

Nicomax 20mg 50PG / 50VG - SuperVape 10ml

Booster made in France

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Nicomax 20mg 50PG / 50VG 10ml - SuperVape Pack of 100 0,31 €
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SuperVape's solution to boost your e-liquids! Nicotine base at 20mg/ml to boost your DIY bases - this is the maximum authorized rate by TPD standards for 10ml bottles. Available rates: 20 PG/80 VG and 50 PG / 50 VG.
E-liquids base:
Vegetable Propylene Glycol (max. 50%), Vegetable Glycerin (max. 50%)
10ml with tamperband, childproof lock, anti-UV filter, tactile warning triangle on label (if containing nicotine), ingredients, Best-before date, batch number
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Product type:
Booster for e-liquids
  • Manufacturer SuperVape
  • Country France
  • PG/VG ratio 50/50
  • Packaging 10ml PE bottle with childproof lock
  • Capacity 10ml
  • Nicotine rate 20mg

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