Base 20PG / 80VG 500ml / 1L - Sevap

Base 20PG / 80VG 500ml / 1L - Sevap

Sevap thinks of large consumers of e-liquid and now offers its basic liquid for DIY in large capacity!

Available in 20PG/80VG

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E-liquids base:
Vegetable Propylene Glycol (max. 20%), Vegetable Glycerin (max. 80%)
1L bottle with tamperband, childproof lock,
Product type:
Base for e-liquids
  • Manufacturer Sevap
  • Country France
  • PG/VG ratio 20/80
  • Packaging Bottles of 500ml and 1L of base liquid equipped with a reducer which prevents spillage of the liquid and a stopper with child safety.
  • Capacity 500ml and 1L
  • Nicotine rate 0mg

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