Road Five 0mg 50ml - Ben Northon

Road Five 0mg 50ml - Ben Northon

The city in a blurry spot, far behind. A band of ocher and clay lazing in the midday fires and the Black Horse trot reverberating north and south, free of any obstacle. Then, suddenly at the edge of the path, a quiet plain for planting tent and tobacco. I got my first fragrance there. A bitter, vegetal note in praise of the road and the promised lands.

MDD 06/23

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Flavour: Soft tobacco, beautiful amplitude of vape characterized by a subtle assembly of extracts of flavours tobacco. Hang in throat quite round and followed by a hit exceptional. Gold Digger is intended for the addict of flavours tobacco


  • Manufacturer: Ben Northon,

  • Designation: Road Five,

  • Country of manufacture: French,

  • Flavour type: Tobacco,

  • VG/PG ratio: 50/50,
  • Packaging: Delivered limps about it unit, bottle out of glass of 50 ml with account tastes, childproof security cap + 1 pipette.

  • Capacity: 50ml,

  • Manufacturer Ben Northon
  • Country France
  • Flavor Classic Gourmand
  • PG/VG ratio 50/50
  • Packaging 60ml PE bottle with childproof lock
  • Nicotine rate 0mg

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