Skuff 10ml - Greeneo

Skuff 10ml - Greeneo

The e-liquid CBD Skuff Greeneo was born from the alloy of a complete extraction of hemp with supercritical CO2 and natural terpenes. Incomparable "truer than life" flavors and aromas, a powerful hit, almost immediate effects have made it one of the most appreciated liquids by CBD lovers. Associated with CBD (cannabidiol), the other molecules of the plant (CBN, CBG, CBC...) interact with each other to create an entourage effect at the origin of the overall well-being that you will appreciate from the first puffs.

MSRP 100mg 9.90€

MSRP 300mg 12.90€

MSRP 500mg 15.90€

MSRP 1000mg 19.90€

  • Manufacturer Greeneo
  • Country France
  • Flavor
  • PG/VG ratio 80/20
  • Packaging 10ml PE bottle with childproof lock
  • Capacity 10ml