Small Paper Bag Customized

Small Paper Bag Customized

Bag size : 15 * 8 * 21cm

GFC Provap offers you the possibility to personalize your products!

To do this, simply send us your logo which will be printed directly on the chosen product, at the specified location.

For more information, please contact the sales service at:

+33 (0)6 67 21 73 86 (International)

+33 (0)1 80 91 50 72 (France)

Shipping possible from GFC Provap China, delivery time is 3 to 6 weeks.

Minimum quantity 2000pcs.

(Prices do not include shipping cost from China).

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Quick command tutorial:

° Enter in customization

° Upload your logo

° Add to cart

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Allowed file formats are: GIF, JPG, PNG


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