Coton Bacon V2 - Wick N' Vape

Coton Bacon V2 - Wick N' Vape

The famous Cotton Bavon V2; bettered over the long term at all levels: capilarity and heat resistance.

It went through an extra extraction procedure of the natural oils contained inside the cotton, which allows for a better taste restitution.

Every satched is striclty controled for better traceability. Cottons are conformed to the pharmaceutic cotton USP standard, as well as Fond Contact Substances' FDA and CFR. Each and every satchel of Cotton Bacon benefits from Certificates of Conformity and Analysis.

What are the small white particulers inside the cotton?

Cotton is made of natural fibers. The little entanglement of fibers is called "neps", and is a particularity of cotton. It is also present in the "bollworm" (flower) of the cotton plant.

  • Manufacturer: WicknVape
  • Name: Cotton Bacon V2.0
  • Country of manufacture: USA
  • Packaging: for about 80 coils

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