Cotton Fiber N'Cotton V2

Cotton Fiber N'Cotton V2

After the success of the Fiber n'Cotton v1, Fiber N Cotton worked and made improvements on this new version. They have designed this new version always in order to better stick to your habits of vape.

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Better absorption

This is a major criterion for the development of a fiber, we know it. We have definitely focused our efforts on this central point. This new recipe therefore offers faster absorption but also better fluid retention. Result: less risk of dry-it and amplified flavors. Also note that these enhancements bring increased performance on RTA and RDTA - users will appreciate.

Better longevity

The frequency of cotton change in the fixtures is another very important criterion. We sought to take up the challenge by proposing a new, more resistant version. Depending on the liquid, the assembly and the power used, we evaluate between 1 and 3 days of longevity and more on your montages.

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