Cotton Bacon Prime - Wick N' Vape

Cotton Bacon Prime - Wick N' Vape

The famous cotton comes back in a new version even better, for a more optimal use and a better rendering of flavors! Ideal for squonk and RDA or RTA atomizers, 33% faster absorption and Easier to separate.

It went through an extra extraction procedure of the natural oils contained inside the cotton, which allows for a better taste restitution.

Every satched is striclty controled for better traceability. Cottons are conformed to the pharmaceutic cotton USP standard, as well as Fond Contact Substances' FDA and CFR. Each and every satchel of Cotton Bacon benefits from Certificates of Conformity and Analysis.

Specification :

  • Manufacturer: WicknVape
  • Name: Cotton Bacon Prime
  • Country of manufacture: USA
  • Packaging: for about 80 coils

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